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Fresh food needs fresh content. Not only that, Prime Cuts is new to the GMO free meat market. Hence its launch content had us tearing off boxes of ideas.


Trego is our local brand hero. We have been utilizing the different dynamics of the product to reach the target audience and maximize paid reach. 

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OVS is a mega Italian Fashion Brand that launched in Egypt in 2018. With target audience in one hand and brand guidelines in the other, we have been creating and engaging with OVS.


Osail is a fine jewelry designer with 4 sub-brands in his portfolio. Each brand has a unique spirits and a story that needs to be told. With that in mind, content was created.

Vagabond Trucks 2.jpg

Vagabond has tested our ability to create engaging and mouthwatering content that resulted in acquiring 4,000 followers in 4 months Organically.. This is all thanks to a good fanbase and attractive content.


With Landuse we have been challenged to introduce a new product to the market that completely lacks market awareness. In 4 months we have been able to increase their fanbase by more than 10 times and acquire a positive measurement of ROI as well as increase their reach with less cost.